About www.Phone-Skinz.com

A little bit of history :

Phone Skinz is a family business and an affiliate of Decal-24, established on October 2, 2007. Members of the business, as an assortment of skilled and qualified designers, programmers, and printers, put earnest effort into, yet take great pleasure from producing and manufacturing decals for cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices on daily terms. The entire production, from gathering the most special graphic arts by certified graphic artist and designing original graphic pieces to printing the decals onto the vinyl and packing the shipments, is done by our associates' caring hands. Our production facility is based in Toronto, Ontario.

In the recent past, a small number of phone companies have emerged, taking a major lead in today's sales and distribution of cell phones, thus leaving a slight space for distinction and individuality among their buyers, as there is a scarce number of models provided to a vast group of people. By offering thousands of distinct designs, moreover having made possible to create your own look, Phone Skinz strives to dress your mobile device in personality, and to give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a new, refined look for your cell phone.

Our philosophy :

Our philosophy is to surpass mediocre quality, maintain a diversity of products, and keep the prices as reasonable as they get.

Currently we offer 45,989 different stock skins for 19 different devices. Visit us again, as our selection expands frequently.

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