Discount Rates we offer

Quantity Discount Rates:

We offer the following discount rates for stock or custom device skins over the already discounted online prices site wide :

  • 3 or more skins : 5%
  • 6 or more skins : 8%
  • 15 or more skins : 10%
  • 25 or more skins : 12%
  • 50 or more skins : 15%
  • 100 or more skins : 18%
  • 500 or more skins : 22%
  • 1000 or more skins : 25%
  • 5000 or more skins : 30%
  • 10000 or more skins : 35%
  • the quantity discount is automatically calculated at checkout, and can be combined with Discount Coupons

    Discount Coupon Codes:

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    Combining discounts:

    You can combine all the three discounts (quantity discounts, online website discount, and the subscription sign up discount) we offer on our website

    Currently we offer 45,989 different stock skins for 19 different devices. Visit us again, as our selection expands frequently.

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