• Canada, Eh? 

    Red and white background with moose and maple leaf 
  • Forever Free 

    USA background with an eagle 
  • Patriotic Gorilla 

    USA flag and a mad gorilla 
  • Being Patriotic #3   

    Country style USA pattern 
  • Being Patriotic #2 

    Country style USA pattern 
  • Home Tweet Home 

    USA birdhouses and bird 
  • Being Patriotic             

    Country style USA pattern 
  • Sisters Friendship 

    Cute quote with 2 girls, hearts and butterflies 
  • Game of Freedom 

    USA colors on a backgammon game board 
  • Shaped Flag of USA 

    American flag on black background 
  • American Pride 

    Waving USA flag 
  • American-Canadian Friendship

    American and Canadian flags together
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